what does silence sound like?

using research-creation, practice-as-research methods, conversation, technology and the arts, the archive of silences is a long term research project/portal led by toronto metropolitan university's assistant professor debashis sinha


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the archive of silences

how does silence manifest itself? it could be in many ways - auditory, political, conversational, in research or exploration. in this podcast series, project lead professor debashis sinha converses with research-practitioners from the sciences to the humanities to the arts, in an effort to uncover the many ways silence makes itself felt. how and where do we encounter silences, and what do they mean for us when we do?

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ontologies of silence is funded by a sshrc explore grant (reb 2023-211)

thinking about silence as a call for connection,

as a place of potential,

as a portal to new action,

this project contemplates silence and sound as sites of interrelation. silence/sounding as a mode of investigation, uncovering and examining a wide range of normative assumptions that run alongside and under our human interactions with manifestations of sound and research/creative culture.

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